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Custom built mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows

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We can build an app for that

Your business has been enjoying a nice steady amount of growth since you first opened your doors, but lately you’ve been noticing some changing trends that are mildly disturbing. Those tried, trusted and true methods of advertising you’ve been using aren’t working as well as they once did.

You’re a smart, savvy entrepreneur. You know you have to get in on the mobile marketing trend and start looking at mobile application developers to get your own custom mobile app, but can you afford it? You want to keep your business moving forward and growing as much as it can. You’re now wondering if that’s at all possible to achieve without taking advantage of these hot new trends in mobile marketing?

Can you afford not to have your own app?

The truth is, mobile marketing is huge. HUGE. And there’s a very good reason for that. This amazing medium allows you to deliver meaningful information about your company directly to your customers the minute you want them to have that info.

Imagine, for example, that Tuesday afternoons are very slow for your retail business and you’d like to get more people in the doors. A mobile app gives you the power to reel your customers in with a special offer. And you can do it on the fly.

Think of the power this technology gives to restauranteurs wanting to promote their lunch specials, to mechanics wanting to remind their customers to get their oil changed,or to salons wanting to promote a special for a long weekend. The possibilities are endless, really. And you’ve thought about having an app developed before.

But you’re still worried about how you’ll ever be able to afford it. Mobile application developers are only sought after by the big box stores, right?

Wrong! We’re happy to be the ones to tell you that things have changed.

Xplor Global Mobile Solutions is in the business of developing smart, high-quality custom mobile apps for business and, most importantly, for small- and medium-sized businesses. And we’ve made it affordable enough that everyone can have their own app.

In addition to being extremely competitively priced for the mobile app market, we provide this new-fashioned technology with a healthy dose of old-fashioned service.

We’re seeing a huge increase in demand for mobile apps and you can mark our words—this is only the beginning. It will soon be the norm for new business owners to have an app developed just like they would have a business card or a website designed.

You have to beat your competitors to the punch

Read more about how our mobile application developers can help grow your business, and then contact us about how, specifically, we can help you.

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